Simplifying IT services for your business Simplifying IT services

Computer and Laptop Repairs

Computer Repairs

    Having problems with your desktop or laptop? SOLMAN has the gear to get you running. We have a wide range of tools that can improve your computers performance, fix issue's, assist in recovery and ensure that your machine is up to date. The common problems:
    Computer running slow
    Computer crashes and blue screen
    Low performance
    Problems installing devices
    Can't access email
    Software issue's

Smartphones / Tablets

    Recently bought a smartphone and not sure how to use it? SOLMAN can sit down with you, set up the things you want working and show you how to use it all.
    Email setup
    Wireless configuration
    Software upgrades
    Photo & file sync
    Contacts backup & restore
    Help & Advice

Computer Email Setup

Smartphone Mobile Support

Home and Office Networking

Network Support

    Do you like having things neat and tidy? No wires! So does SOLMAN. We can help you setup a wire-free environment for your home and have all your devices connecting to the internet and sharing files wirelessly.
    Wireless routers
    Access points & wireless extenders
    Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC)
    Wireless Control Systems (WCS)
    Wireless network storage
    Apple TVs
    Phones / tablets
    Wireless smart TVs


    Do you need a safe place to store all your files? How easy would it be to have all your files saved to one central location and are accessible over the network so that everyone at home can share. Network Area Storage (NAS) is simple to setup and SOLMAN can do it all for you.
    Wireless or cabled setup
    One-Touch backup solution
    Easy to manage
    Low power consumption

Network Data File Storage

EVOKO Room Manager

Room Management

    The Evoko Room Manager, with its clear touch-screens located outside the meeting rooms, was a leap forward in efficient meeting room management. With Evoko Room Manager EVO, you can for the first time take full advantage of the valuable information found in your organisation's meeting patterns. Get an overview of and analyse detailed statistics of your meeting habits to optimise the use of your resources.
    Book from wherever you are
    Easy installation
    Put an end to double bookings